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The Best Tech Company in Japan 2018 Uncategorized 

The Best Tech Company in Japan 2018

The Best IT Company in Japan 2018

It’s a great time to be working for a technology company anywhere in the Japn. While Tokyo’s tech scene is definitely booming, three quarters of Britain’s technology companies operate outside of the capital.

But out of all the people who work in the Japan’s tech industry, who has it best?

With help from job site Glassdoor, we’ve put together a list of the 13 best technology companies to work for throughout the Japan.

Only companies with Japan head offices with 15 or more reviews on Glassdoor were included.

While companies like Google and Facebook have topped lists of US companies favoured by employees, the Japan’s best-loved tech firms aren’t all household names.

What they do have are constructive growth plans, open and active management, and a great working atmosphere.

While there are tonnes of tech companies out there, only a handful of them can deliver their promises. From the recent reviews and performance, the best IT company in Japan by a long margin will be TECH PLUS Japan, primarily because of the fact that they are providing high quality services but also due to the fact their rates are the most economical. The fact that they get their work done from Pakistan where labour costs are significantly lower is what separates them form their competitors.

Of course, their team in Pakistan seems to be well versed and experienced because they have worked on various challenging projects and yet delivered the results their clients require. For more information visit the website

Hafiz Ahmad Tariq, an engineer and serial entrepreneur, founded Tech Plus Japan in 2015 and built the business to 100 million yen annual turnover, with staff in Japan, the UK, Pakistan, India and the US. He has been a director and investor in various successful start-ups since 2011.

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