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Marketing Management Research Topic Selection

Marketing Dissertation TopicsI have been asked by many a students about what is the best method to choose marketing management research topics. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the best possible topic for your marketing dissertation. A method that works for you may not work for the others.

And therefore it is vitally important to focus on finding the topic rather than winning about the method of finding. On the internet, if you use the right keyword terms in Google and other search engines, you can find long list of current and interesting dissertation topics in marketing.

However, the choice of best research topics in marketing depends on many other factors such as your academic level, the background and research area of your supervisor, and the type of research you wish to base your dissertation on. Most undergraduate students choose a research question that is not too hard to address.

Graduate or Master’s students on the other hand have to choose a topic that results in adding value to the existing literature. If you are a graduate student then before doing anything else you should determine your own preferred area of study and then identify some research gaps to fill through your research project.

Similarly, the background and expertise of your supervisor should never be overlooked. You should visit your university’s website and then search for your supervisor’s profile. Scan through the profile to identify their research interests and the research projects they have completed individually or as a member of research group. Make sure to base your topic on the research interests of your supervisor so they can provide you the best possible guidance throughout the dissertation writing process. Relevant and manageable research topics for phd in marketing management can be even harder to find because it is important to make sure that the chosen topic in neither too broad or too narrow for the researcher.

Finally, the type of research you wish to carry out also contribute toward the dissertation topic selection. If you intend to conduct primary research as part of your dissertation project then you should clearly identity the gap in available knowledge and then try to fill that gap using the results you obtain from empirical data. On the other hand, secondary research based dissertations generally make use of the existing literature and therefore the research topic should be closely similar to the existing literature.

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